What are they?

MetroGroups are smaller gatherings of people that are focused on building strong biblical community. They meet regularly in the spring and fall semester, however, do not meet throughout the summer months.

Both online and in-person groups are offered.

Is This right for me?

A variety of studies are offered. Studies on prayer, character, marriage, parenting, money, leadership, and many other life issues. Recovery and support groups are available as well. Studies center on understanding biblical principles and practical ways to integrate them into daily living.

Too busy?

We offer a variety of metro groups that can accommodate even the busiest of schedules. We believe the benefits of actively attending a Metro group are worth prioritizing it in your schedule. Try it. We think you'll love it!

Don't know the Bible?

No worries! Our groups are designed to be a safe place for people who are taking steps to investigate Christianity. You can ask questions, share your opinions and experiences, or just listen as others share.


Pastor of Metro Groups, Chris Persons
[email protected]