Year-End Giving at Metro

We are seeing God’s goodness at work.

As we approach the end of another remarkable year at Metro, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the many ways God has worked in and through our church community. It is with this sense of thankfulness that I am excited to share with you our “Gratitude” end-of-year giving campaign. This campaign serves as a tangible expression of our gratitude to the Lord for the abundant blessings we’ve received, and an opportunity for each one of us to play a vital role in continuing His work.

In Christ,
Lead Pastor at Metro Community Church

three ways to Make an Impact

You are invited to be part of this “Gratitude” campaign by contributing to one or more of the following initiatives. Our aim is to provide clear channels for you to be empowered to give in a way that resonates with your heart and conviction.

Metro Outreach

Blessing Lives Beyond our walls

In this initiative, formerly known as Jesus For The World, we encourage you to contribute directly to our local and international partners. None of these funds remain at Metro; they are sent out to bless people as we strive to spread the love of Christ in our community and the world at large.

International Outreach Organizations

  • El Salvador Partner Church (10%)
  • Nicole Doornick (Paris, France) (10%)
  • Metro Majucla Scholarship Program (10%)
  • Leon Mexico Church Planting (5%)
  • Global Concern: Clean Water Project In Kenya (5%)

Regional Outreach Organizations

  • Camp Barnabas (10%)
  • Eden's Glory (10%)

Local Outreach Organizations

  • Community Hope Center (7%)
  • One Ribbon United (7%)
  • Fellowship Of Christian Athletes (6%)


  • Metro Outreach: Mobile Market Project (10%)
  • Benevolence (10%)

All In

Building our vandalia campus

“All In” is our campaign dedicated to raising funds for the construction of our Vandalia Campus. Through the grace and provision of God, we have made significant strides, yet there is still a need for additional funds to fulfill this vision.

General giving

Fueling God's vision for our church

Should you feel led to contribute to the ongoing work and initiatives at Metro, giving to the general budget is the primary way to support our ministerial vision—leading people to move closer to God, each other, and the disconnected.

Join In

Every gift makes a difference.

To be a part of Gratitude, simply select a fund (Outreach, All In, or the General Fund) and enter your gift amount. Your gift can be a one-time offering or continuous. You can also choose to split your offering between multiple funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gratitude replacing Jesus For The World?

In a way! The former Jesus For The World Campaign has been reformulated into the Outreach fund. If you would like to give to some of the familiar Jesus For The World organizations, simply select the "Outreach" fund.

Can I give a one-time gift?

Absolutely! You can give one-time gifts to any of the funds. The Outreach fund is exclusively receiving one-time gifts as this is a special seasonal giving opportunity.

How do recurring gifts work?

Recurring gifts are a great way to continuously support the ministry. Our General Giving Fund is a great opportunity for recurring giving. Recurring giving for the All In Fund will end with the conclusion of the initiative in October, 2024. Unfortunately, the Outreach fund is only able to accept one-time gifts.

Can I give to multiple funds?

Yes! You can give separate gifts to any individual fund OR you are able to split your gifts between multiple funds (see above).

Need to Get Back to Church?

This is the season where many people start to consider what Christ means in their lives. If that’s you, we would love to have you join us at our Edwardsville or Vandalia campuses.