Celebrate Easter In a Different Way

Sunday, April 9  |  9:00am & 10:45am

Join us as we celebrate the greatest event in history. Easter at Metro is filled with moments of joyful celebration and experiences for the whole family!

Fun For Everyone

We want this Easter celebration to be memorable, so we’ve created opportunities for everyone to join in, such as: a petting zoo, an amazing MetroKids service for children, a popcorn station for every age, a photo area for the entire family, and an engaging worship service for adults.

Jesus Interrupted

Oftentimes we view interruptions negatively. But if we look at all of the times that Jesus was interrupted during His time on Earth, we see a pattern of amazing things happening in those moments. Pastor Seth will be looking at those moments throughout this new series.


Is there a dress code?
We want you to come as you are, and this means the way you dress every day. Most people choose casual wear for our services.

Is there something for my kids?
Yes! Our MetroKids ministry is offered for kids from birth through 6th grade.

Which service should I attend?
This is entirely up to you. All of our services are the same, however crowds may vary.

What time should I arrive?
We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before services to experience all of the pre-service festivities.

How long are services?
Generally, our services are around 75 minutes long.

Additional question?