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Many of us are pusuing things in our life that keep us busy and allow us to make a living, but we're not convinced what we're doing is really that significant.  In fact, many of us are very successful at what we do.  But how do we move from success to significance?  God made us for a reason.  He has a purpose for our lives.  And it's as we discover who God made us to be and what He made us to do that we find an energizing sense of significance.  We were made for more than just gratifying ourselves.  This series is going to help you discover what God's purpose for your life is.  


What's Centering My Life? Audio
Who Am I Going to Be?  Audio
Notes  Video  
What Am I Going to do With My Talents?  Audio
SHAPE Assessment
What is Your Life Message Going to Be?  Audio  Notes Video  
A Better Story  Audio Notes  Video