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CURRENT SERIES:   Adventures in Saying "Yes"  

What if we just said, "YES" to God?  What if we really stepped out in faith and followed Jesus?  What if we were to say "Yes" to His purpose, and His ways, and His dream and plan for our lives?  So many of the things we are so concerned and stressed about would become non-issues.  We would experience the thrill and excitement of living a life of adventure and deep meaning and purpose.

Adventures in Saying "Yes"  Audio  Notes  Video   
Pause  Audio
Notes  Video   
What will People Think?  Audio Notes  Video   
Turning Loose  Audio Notes  Video   
Caring Enough Audio Notes  Video   
Growing Up Audio  Notes  Video   
 DoSomething Big (6/18-19/16) Audio  Notes  Video   
The Dream (7/9-10/16) Audio Notes Video  
Shoveler (9/3-4/16) Audio Notes Video  
Hot (9/10-11/16) Audio Notes Video  
 Bringing What I Have (10/22-23/16) Audio  Notes  Video